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Individual 3D software development

Our main focus is the development of interactive 3D visualizations and virtual accessible real time 3D software for industrial customers. Also for private customers with individual software requests we are happy to offer our services.

Due to our move to Bad Doberan, we are currently not accepting any new orders. We are currently limiting ourselves to maintaining and supporting the apps and applications available on the market. If you need our support here, please use the contact form below or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your understanding!

We develop modern software and innovative 3D apps which are easy to use and which convince with outstanding functionality and design. As we use the modern and powerful Unity3D engine we cover all platforms from PC and MAC over smart phones and tablets and of corse web sites using WebGL. We create solutions for:

  • 3D planning software (e.g. room- / bathplanning)
  • Architectural visualization
  • Product configurators
  • GPS based 3D simulations
  • digital 3D material catalogues
  • interactive sale tools / mobile distribution tools e.g. for exhibitions
  • 3D app development for iOS and Android

Hint: The images show no renderings but interactive realtime 3D worlds.

Technology and outreach

Since 2010 we use the Unity3D engine for our software. We pay big attention to smart phones and tablets - particularly the older devices, so we are sure that our software runs for nearly all customers and not only when they use the newest technique. That said it is clear that we still use an iPad2 as base reference.

We are following new technologies like augmented, virtual and mixed reality very closly. The Unity3D engine realizes a low cost multi platform development even for the newest device classes being available.

Qualification and history

Our software company was founded in Gütersloh (North Rhine-Westphalia) at the beginning of 2010. Owner and managing director Ralf Armin Böttcher is Dipl.-Ing. in computational visualistics and has specialized in the development of interactive 3D software for companies and private customers for more than 15 years. Quality, transparency and long-term customer loyalty are very important to us.

If the project requires it, we also work with selected advertising agencies in order to deliver the best result for our customers to match the existing corporate design. The development of the user interfaces is based on the "form follows function" principle from industrial design. In this way, intuitive software is created that meets the highest quality standards.

Ecological software development

We buy green electricity and use it to develop our software CO2-neutral and without radioactive waste products. We also pay attention to the power consumption of our customers' devices. So we don't exhaust the graphics card completely by deliberately reducing the 3D display to 30 frames per second.