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2015: RaceDirector Analytics-Addon


The RaceDirector has been extended by a race analysis module, which allows a direct comparison of the own driven laps with the laps of other drivers. So the user can directly compare his own GPS data on the track with the GPS data of other drivers: Who brakes where, how is driven in a certain curve, where are the acceleration points. This offers racetrack operators an interesting added value for hobby racers who want to analyze and improve their skills on the track.

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2014 / 2015: Race Director / GPS vehicle simulation (prototype)


Developed for an Austrian customer, the Race Director enables the presentation of a car race directly as a 3D simulation on a computer or tablet. The GPS data is provided by a server and delivered directly to the clients. In the first step of the development, only worked with stored GPS data, a further development, however, should transmit the live racing data and allow as a "second-screen application" the viewer to take over even the camera control - regardless of the race transmission on television. Also for the subsequent analysis of a race, the Race Director is suitable because the GPS data stream can be played again at any time.

More information about the project can be found here:


  • Multiplatform application: Webplayer for PC & MAC; App for iOS and Android Tablets
  • Racing simulation of real-time GPS data
  • free interactive vehicle and camera selection by users
  • Positions from GPS data (real-time spline creation for vehicle animations)
  • GPS real-time data in 5 Hz
  • Server / client communication variable between 1Hz and 5Hz.