Project Overview

Here you will find short information about the last completed projects. Descriptions and detailed contents for the respective projects can be found in the submenu.

Globe Viewer Mars

GlobeViewer Mars is an interactive and three-dimensional display of the entire surface of Mars.

GlobeViewer Mars

Globe Viewer Moon

GlobeViewer Moon is an interactive and three-dimensional representation of the entire moon surface.

GlobeViewer Moon

GODELMANN wall planner

With the wall planner developed by us for the company GODELMANN GmbH & Co. KG, gardeners can now plan their walls themselves in real time, view them in 3D and order them directly.

GODELMANN wall planner

Globe Viewer

Globe Viewer is an interactive high-quality 3D representation of the entire Earth's surface. Go on a discovery tour with the Globe Viewer and get to know our blue planet again!

Globe Viewer

Melos Granules Designer App

Our original PC application from 2011 was relaunched as an app for Melos GmbH from Melle. It is used as a mobile sales tool in the sale of colored floor granules (for example, floor coverings for stadiums and sports fields).

Melos Granules Designer App

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