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GlobeViewer Apps

The GlobeViewer Apps provide high-resolution elevation data as an interactive 3D map model for anyone interested without special knowledge of GIS applications. With a smartphone or a tablet you can explore the real surface of the earth, moon and Mars. It's not about a realistic depiction of the visible surface, like e.g. Google Maps uses photos, but about the pure representation of the planet's surface based on the freely available elevation data.

GlobeViewer (Earth)

GlobeViewer Moon

GlobeViewer Mars

  • Global elevation data at approximately 200m per pixel
  • NASA 2020 Mission: Perseverance Landing Site at ~2m per pixel (HiRise data)
  • Available for iOS / Mac, Android and Windows
  • 18 Languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PT, TH, HI, VN, AR, ID, RU, CHS, CHT, KR, JP, HE, FA
  • Open GlobeViewer Mars project page

  • GlobeViewer

    Apps are still work in progress

    All three apps are currently still in the works, i.e. additional functions and maps will be added from time to time as soon as new data is available. For Mars in particular, there is currently only global elevation data in 200 m per pixel resolution. In the next few years, however, a 50 m per pixel map will gradually be created at the FU Berlin. As soon as there is a major update from there, the data will be entered into the app. The same applies to NASA's HiRISE data. With the moon we have already achieved a resolution of 1 m per pixel, with the earth it is 15 m per pixel in the raw data - but this is reduced to approx. 50 m per pixel in the app in order to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted.

    Advertising in the app

    The three apps are available for you to download free of charge in the stores. Some users are bothered by the fact that advertising videos are integrated into the app. The reason for this lies in the app structure decision we had to make:

    Option A - App combination (demo & pro app): The app is divided into a paid pro version and a free but very limited demo version. With this model, customers cannot try out all the functions before buying and have to buy "a pig in a poke". Also, there is only one purchase option. The only advantage: no advertising.

    Option B - Ads and in-app purchases: Here everything is concentrated in one app. Users can test all functions before purchasing. However, advertising videos "disrupt" the process so that misusing the free version becomes uncomfortable and unattractive. In-app purchases have the advantage of being able to offer several purchase options at the same time.

    We opted for the more flexible Variant B. The biggest advantage here is complete access to all functions before the purchase. In addition, we can not only split the apps at full price, but also into smaller and cheaper products. But you can make a much better purchase decision than in variant A - and this was the crucial point. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this decision is the advertising in the demo mode. So it's a compromise.

    Use without advertising

    If you want to use the apps without advertising, you can activate a corresponding upgrade via the integrated shop. After the upgrade, there will be no more advertising in the unlocked areas. All three apps are now also available in the stores as a PRO purchase version (i.e. with the full range without advertising). With your purchase you support the further development of the apps. Thanks a lot for this!

    Alternatively, you are also welcome to leave a donation for further development.