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2011: Melos Granules Designer

With the Melos Granules Designer developed by us, you can design your perfect floor covering on the computer for the first time! You have the choice of 24 colored granules. Not only is the color result immediately visible, but it can also be experienced in a whole new dimension: Explore our realistic 3D worlds and convince yourself immediately whether the floor you designed shows its effect or if you need a "fine tuning" in color , You will see - it's the right mix. Your customers will be amazed!

How does it work?

In the virtual walkable example worlds "office landscape", "stadium" and "children's playground" floor coverings can be exchanged, changed arbitrarily and then tested in their spatial effect. So fast and easy nowadays you become a designer! The operation of the software is designed so intuitively that all necessary steps to your suitable floor are self-explanatory. A granulate view contains a total of 24 basic colors, in which you can set individual color tones at the click of a mouse. In addition to the color design, you also define the functional properties of your floor covering. So the structure of the soil is dependent on its respective field of application. For example, if you are planning a fall zone for a children's playground, then you can use the desired degree of grain to define the suitable condition of your floor.


Use of plastic granules

Plastic granules are increasingly being used as robust and robust floor coverings in sports facilities, many public buildings or as fall zones on playgrounds. Many modern sports tracks are now equipped with a second layer of rubber, which helps the athlete while running and thus serves a better suspension. At playgrounds, however, thick old tire layers are often used, which provide a strong cushioning and therefore provide a safe fall protection for children playing.

Understand color and spatial effect

The Melos Granules Designer combines intuitive functionality and visual experience. With its realistic presentation form, it opens up new worlds - floor coverings can be tested in advance in their spatial effect and changed if necessary. It is therefore possible to combine a wide variety of colors to create completely new color shades. Subsequently, the soil granulate is mixed and produced according to the template desired by the customer. The Melos Granules Designer can be obtained directly from Melos GmbH in Melle.